6 Things To Keep In Mind When You Hire A Child Custody Attorney

If you're a parent who is going through a divorce, you may find yourself having to fight to get custody of your child or children. Having a child custody attorney on your side is essential to maximize your chances of being granted custody. The following are six things to keep in mind when you hire a child custody attorney.  Your child custody attorney's job will be easier if you avoid confrontation with your spouse. Read More 

The Role Of A Mediator During A Divorce

It is always a good idea to go through mediation when you decide to get a divorce, either if it is in person or online. Mediation can not only help prevent your divorce from going to trial, but you will have full control over the outcome rather than leave it to a judge. This is all possible due to a professional mediator that is going to oversee the process. Here is what you can expect a mediator to do during mediation. Read More 

A Better Divorce Is Possible

Divorce is a time of big changes but many fail to realize how certain financial matters can affect them for a long time. So that you don't suffer from making poor decisions, read below and take these measures. Take an Assertive Attitude Being emotional about a marriage break-up is natural. However, it's very unwise to allow emotions to control your decisions. It's unfortunately common for some to believe that they can best get through a divorce by pretending that they are not interested in property, debt, and more. Read More 

When Are Divorce Lawyers Helpful?

You've decided to end your marriage, and that's the hard part. Now comes the not-so-fun part: getting divorced and splitting up assets, support payments, and everything else that comes with it. If you and your spouse can agree on everything, the process is much easier, but if you need a legal professional to help you through the process, or if you run into serious problems along the way, where do you turn? Read More 

Important Services An Experienced Family Lawyer Provides To Clients

Family law encompasses a broad array of legal topics. Attorneys who practice in this area of law are versatile and can effectively represent clients in a variety of cases.  When you are dealing with a legal issue that falls in this category in court, you may not want to represent yourself during any proceedings. You can instead hand off your case to an experienced family lawyer. Getting through a Divorce Read More