Civil Annulment: What It Is, Who Can Get One, And Its Benefits

A civil annulment is an alternative to divorce that may be right for you. Below is a general overview of an annulment, including what a civil annulment is, who can get one, what the benefits of one are, and how a divorce attorney can help you.  What is a Civil Annulment and Who Can Get One? Just like divorce, an annulment is a dissolution of a marriage. Unlike a divorce, however, a civil annulment makes it as if the marriage never occurred which is why it's more difficult to obtain an annulment than it is a divorce. Read More 

Four Crucial Reasons To Establish Paternity

Establishing paternity is the way you legally declare and acknowledge who the father of a child is. This is often done within the first few days of the child's life by signing a voluntary acknowledge form. However, in some instances a mother who believes a certain man is the father of her child, or the man himself, petitions a family court to establish paternity. In fact, paternity cases are heard every day in courtrooms throughout the country. Read More 

4 Mistakes To Avoid During A Divorce

Mistakes can cost you a lot when you are going through a divorce. One small slip-up and you could lose the house you live in, the alimony you are owed, or precious time with your children. Below, you will learn about a few mistakes that you can avoid to protect yourself during the divorce process. Plan Strategically One mistake that many people make is jumping the gun on filing for the divorce. Read More 

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing For Divorce After 50

With more women entering the workplace and social stigmas regarding divorce evolving, older couples are choosing to end their marriages rather than stay in unhealthy relationships. If you are thinking of filing for divorce and you are past the age of 50, there are some unique concerns to take into consideration. Here are three mistakes to avoid making when you file for divorce after 50. 1. Failing to plan ahead for tax changes. Read More 

Here’s What To Remember If You Have A No Contact Order Against You

When you and your romantic partner are on the outs, what starts out as "just another fight" can quickly escalate into legal trouble. If your partner went before a judge and asked for a temporary no contact order for safety reasons, he or she probably got the order with little trouble. The legal system is weighted heavily in favor of anything that will keep the peace. You may think it's unfair and you may be frustrated, but until the issue is resolved you need to make sure that you don't accidentally violate the order. Read More