When Are Divorce Lawyers Helpful?

You've decided to end your marriage, and that's the hard part. Now comes the not-so-fun part: getting divorced and splitting up assets, support payments, and everything else that comes with it. If you and your spouse can agree on everything, the process is much easier, but if you need a legal professional to help you through the process, or if you run into serious problems along the way, where do you turn? Here are some situations when divorce lawyers are helpful in the divorce process.

1. When You Need a Parenting Plan

Both parents need to be involved in their children's lives. If you and your partner can't agree on how to raise your kids, your divorce attorney can help you write a parenting plan that formalizes responsibilities and ensures one parent isn't doing more than their fair share. The lawyer also safeguards your rights to child visitation.

2. When You Have Property to Divide

You and your spouse may not be able to agree on how to split your assets and debts. In cases like these, you'll likely need a divorce attorney. The attorney will ask you questions about your marriage and help you determine what property (and debt) is yours and who gets what when you separate. The lawyer ensures you are not denied property that you contributed to acquiring.

3. When You Don't Understand the Paperwork

Divorce is confusing enough—toss in copious amounts of paperwork, and it gets even more overwhelming. If you're not a lawyer or experienced in these matters, it's easy to become overwhelmed by legal jargon. When you hire divorce attorneys, they can help guide you through complicated paperwork and ensure everything is being filed correctly.

4. When Divorce is High Conflict

Divorce isn't easy for anyone. It can be particularly stressful if there is high conflict, meaning a spouse won't agree to property division or spousal support. If you're in a high-conflict marriage, don't try to navigate through your divorce alone, talk to an attorney who specializes in high-conflict divorces. The involvement of legal professionals takes out emotions from the negotiations and makes it easier to settle.

5. When the Proposed Settlement is Unfair

If you think a proposed settlement is unfair and does not adequately compensate you for your contributions to your marital partnership, it may be time to bring in a lawyer. If you're being asked to pay more than you can afford or give up more than is reasonable, it's a good idea to consult with an attorney.

Going through a divorce is difficult, and you need good legal help to safeguard your interests with rational decisions. Book an appointment with a divorce lawyer today to discuss your divorce case.