Strategically Planning Compensation For Power Of Attorney-Related Tasks Makes Contesting The Power Difficult

When a parent becomes unable to manage his/her affairs due to age or poor health, a responsible adult-age child may opt to handle matters. In order to allow the child to more easily legally act on behalf of the parent, permission in the form of power of attorney helps matters. Unfortunately, other members of the family may try reverse the power of attorney agreement, a process that can be done in family court. Read More 

Disconnect Before Your Divorce: Why Staying Off Social Media Long Before Proceedings Begin May Be Best

Divorce, even when amicable, can be difficult to navigate. It sometimes seems like the slightest thing can turn an uncontested, calm breakup into a long-running court case. If you're contemplating divorce, or you think your spouse might be about to give you papers, dial back on your social media presence and be very careful about what you post. Avoid social media totally if you can. Your words, pictures, and relationships online could affect your case greatly. Read More