4 Mistakes To Avoid During A Divorce

Mistakes can cost you a lot when you are going through a divorce. One small slip-up and you could lose the house you live in, the alimony you are owed, or precious time with your children. Below, you will learn about a few mistakes that you can avoid to protect yourself during the divorce process.

Plan Strategically

One mistake that many people make is jumping the gun on filing for the divorce. Before you file the paperwork, know where you will be living, how you will provide for yourself financially and find yourself a few people that will support you emotionally over the next several months.

Strategically planning when to file the papers will help you avoid becoming homeless, broke, and alone.

Don't Get Overconfident

No divorce case is clear-cut. Even though you think that the divorce proceedings are going well, don't assume that you are getting everything you want in the end. Overconfidence can lead to very costly mistakes, like rubbing your success in your former spouse's face. When you do something like that, you could ignite a whole new fury in him or her and they could come at you harder and leave you with less.

Limit Communication with Your Attorney

Your divorce attorney is just that – an attorney. He or she is not your therapist, so limit the communication to only the things that could really benefit your case. Don't pick up the phone and call the attorney to tell him or her what your former spouse has done to make you mad. Sure, the attorney may sit there and listen to what you have to say, but you will be billed their regular rates for the call. Only contact the attorney with legitimate claims and information that could help your case.

Keep the Kids Neutral

When you're around your kids, do your best not to talk about what is going on with the divorce. The kids are going through a difficult enough time without hearing the negative things you have to say about your spouse. Another thing never to do is to try using your kids to get information about your spouse. Let the kids remain neutral, and allow them to continue loving and respecting their other parent.

These mistakes are commonly made and have had negative impacts on the outcome of divorces everywhere. Think about what you are doing and saying from the start to avoid making these same mistakes and others that could cost you what you deserve.