Tips For Picking Your Estate’s Executor

Are you currently trying to make a plan for your estate after you pass away, and you've reached the point where you need to pick an executor? If so, it will help to follow these 5 tips that will guide your choice. Pick A Close Family Member It is always a good idea to pick a close family member if possible to be the executor of your estate. Many people decide to pick one of their children in this instance, but you may want to pick a sibling if a child is not possible. Read More 

The Reality of Facing Evidence Tampering Charges

Criminal charges can be frightening to deal with, especially if you aren't sure what steps you should take next. When you hear that you are being charged with tampering with evidence, you may become especially fearful. After all, being charged with any felony can be intimidating. Tampering with evidence is a serious allegation, as evidence is a significant part of the American legal system. This is why the consequences can be so severe. Read More 

Food Poisoning Is A Personal Injury

One of the most confusing illnesses people experience is food poisoning. In fact, many people with food poisoning don't realize they have been poisoned. Often, this illness is caused by the negligence or lack of care by others. In many cases, it can have long-term consequences that leave you with expensive medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing health issues. Why Is Food Poisoning a Personal Injury? Food poisoning may result if you are fed undercooked, raw, or spoiled foods. Read More 

Modifying A Child Support Agreement

Child support payments are not cast in stone; you can modify them if you know what to do. Below are a few tips to help you modify your child support payments if there is a need. Respect the Time Limits In some states, you can't just modify the child support agreement or order any time you want. You must wait for some time to pass before you can execute a modification. Read More 

Tips For Choosing The Right Divorce Jurisdiction

A divorce jurisdiction has far-reaching implications for your divorce agreement or ruling. That is why you should be careful if you have the option to use more than one jurisdiction for your divorce. Below are some of the things to consider if you have your eyes set on a specific jurisdiction for your divorce.  Meet Residency Requirements Nearly all the states have residency requirements that you must meet to divorce. The residency requirement is the period within which you must have stayed in a state to divorce in a state. Read More