The Role Of A Divorce Mediator

Many couples attempt to settle a divorce outside of court before they go to trial, and the best way to do this is through mediation. Part of the process involves hiring a mediator to facilitate the discussion between both people so that they can reach a mutual agreement regarding the terms of their divorce. Here is what you need to know about the role of the mediator.

What Does A Mediator Do?

A mediator is someone that has the training to help couples have open communication when negotiating a divorce settlement. They do not make any final decisions on any matter and do not provide legal advice. Their only job is to guide the couple toward a solution that everyone can agree to. This means that the couple is still in control of the outcome of mediation, and a divorce will only go to trial if there are unresolved matters. 

How Does A Mediator Create A Safe Environment For Discussion?

The goal of the mediator is to create a safe space for everyone to discuss their desires and needs during the divorce process. This is done by building trust between both people, minimizing conflict, and encouraging everyone to be collaborative when it comes to resolving any disputes. If a couple cannot be in the same room as each other, a mediator can separate them and be the intermediary. 

How Does A Mediator Facilitate Communication?

A mediator will listen to each person's concerns about the divorce and not be judgemental. They will help acknowledge the emotions that everyone is going through, and limit the tension that is part of the divorce process. A mediator will encourage each person to be respectful in how they communicate, and help ensure that everyone's thoughts are clearly communicated. 

How Will Solutions Be Reached?

The goal of mediation is to eventually reach a mutual decision regarding various aspects of the divorce. The mediator will help create tailored solutions for a couple's specific issues after hearing everyone's concerns. This is done by encouraging compromise and making suggestions that both people may not have thought of. This can include suggestions on child custody, property division, division of debt, and things of that nature. 

Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator will help draft a divorce agreement so that everything is in writing. This will help avoid any confusion about what was agreed to in mediation so that the couple can move forward with the divorce process. 

For more info about mediation, contact a local professional.