Crucial Reasons To Get An Experienced Custody Attorney On Retainer

When you and your children's other parent break up and go your separate ways, you still may want to keep the children living with you. You also may want to have a say in how often and if your children spend time with the other parent.

However, you may not legally be able to take the children with you and bar the other parent from having any time with them. To make sure you can keep them living with you and get support from their mom or dad, you can hire a child custody attorney to represent you.

Filing for Primary Custody 

If you want primary custody of your children, you may need to go to court to ask for it. The other parent may want primary custody. He or she may object to the children living with you most of the time, if at all.

Your custody attorney, however, can go to court and ask the judge to find in your favor. Your lawyer can present evidence showing you are the most stable of the two parents and capable of providing a constant and safe home for them. Your custody attorney may successfully get the judge to award you the custody order you want.

Asking for Visitation

If the other parent has beat you to court and won primary custody, he or she still may be legally obligated to give you visitation time. In fact, you can hire a custody attorney to represent you in asking the court to decide on a legally binding parenting plan. 

This plan may set aside certain hours and days each week for the children to come to your house to stay and spend time with you. It may also stipulate what holidays you get to spend with them and how much of their summer break must be spent at your house.

Deciding Support Issues

Finally, your custody attorney can ask the court to decide the question of child support. If you have primary custody, you may be entitled to monthly payments from the other parent. If you have visitation rights, you may have to pay child support. Your child custody attorney can make sure the child support amount is fair and practical.

A custody attorney can represent you when you break up with your children's other parent. He or she can ask the court to award you primary custody and finalize a parenting plan. Your lawyer can also ask the court to award reasonable child support payments to the primary custody parent.

To find out more, consult a custody attorney today.